How Much Does PayPal Charge for International Transfers?

It is important to know the international transfer charges at PayPal before committing to use their services.

The amount of money charged by PayPal varies according to both the country of origin and the recipient’s country.

In this article, we will review the transfer charges from and into Canada, the US, UK, and Australia.

PayPal Charges for International Transfers from the US

According to the PayPal website, if you are a US PayPal account holder sending money to a friend or family member with a PayPal account in a country other than the US, the fee you pay depends on the payment method used, which country the recipient’s account is in, and the amount you are sending.

You may be asking yourself what percentage does PayPal take from the international transactions? Well, continue reading below.

For international transfers, PayPal charges the following types of fees.

  • Commercial payments Fees
  • Currency conversion fees
  • Mass Payout fee
  • Personal payments fee
  • Fixed fee

International PayPal Commercial Fees Calculator

For international commercial transfers, PayPal fees are distributed as follows according to countries, regions, or territories.

For some European countries such as Albania, Andorra, Bosnia, Croatia, Moldova, Monaco, and Serbia, PayPal takes 3.4% plus the fixed charge (fee)

For Latin American countries such as Argentina, Bahamas, Bermuda, Cayman Islands, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Panama, Peru, Uruguay, and Venezuela, PayPal charges a standard rate of 5.4% and a merchant rate of 4.4% to 5.4%

For Asian countries and territories such as China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Republic of South Korea, Singapore, Thailand, and Taiwan, PayPal charges a standard rate of 4.4% in addition to the fixed fee.

For Japan, PayPal charges two types of international fees: A standard rate of 4.0% plus the fixed charge; and a variable merchant rate ranging from 3.4% to 4.1% plus the fixed charge.

For Morocco, PayPal charges an intermediate transfer fee of 4.4% plus the fixed charge/fee.

For all other countries, PayPal charges an international transfer fee of 3.4% of the total amount sent plus the fixed money transfer fee applicable to the specific country.

For automatic payments such as recurring charges, PayPal charges an international transfer fee of 4.9% plus the fixed fee.

PayPal currency conversion Fees for International Transfers

As already stated in this article, PayPal does charge a currency conversion fee when money is transferred from one currency account to be received in a different currency.

The fee is imposed instantly since PayPal does automatic currency conversion.

The PayPal currency conversion fee calculator is based on the following.

  • For all countries, except those discussed here below, PayPal charges a currency conversion fee of 3%
  • For Latin American countries, PayPal charges an international transfer currency conversion fee of 4.5% for money received after 1 day and 3.5% for the conversion from PayPal to a local bank account.
  • For African countries, PayPal charges a PayPal-to-PayPal transfer currency conversion fee of 4.0% and a PayPal-to-Bank account transfer currency conversion fee of 3%
  • For some East European countries such as Albania, Bosnia, Croatia, Georgia, Macedonia, Serbia, Ukraine, etc., PayPal charges PayPal-PayPal transfer currency conversion for 4.0% and PayPal-Bank transfer currency conversion fee of 3.0%.
  • For China and Malaysia, the currency conversion fee depends on the currency from which the money is being converted. The conversion fee is usually 4% for most source currencies except for the Canadian and US dollars, which incur a currency conversion fee of 3.5%

NB: It should be noted that if you are looking for the PayPal fee calculator for money transfer to friends and family, the above-indicated fees apply.

How Long does PayPal International Transfer Take?

We all want money transfers to happen as fast as possible. That is why in this section we focus on PayPal international transfer time

Transferring money from one PayPal account to another international PayPal account takes about 2 to 5 minutes, whereas transferring money from a PayPal account to an international bank account takes 3 to 5 business days.

Consider reading our other article on how long it takes to transfer money from one PayPal account to another and from PayPal to a bank account.

PayPal International Transfer Limit

Does PayPal have limits on how much money can be transferred by an individual or a business?

Yes, PayPal has stipulated limits for transferring money internationally, most of which are determined by the country of residence, and the type of verification the PayPal user has.

For verified PayPal account holders, the limit standard at $10,000 per transaction, whereas for unverified account holders, the limit for international transfers is set at $500 total in the lifetime of the unverified account.

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